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Home Delivered Low Carb Tasty Snacks - How do I Order?


Hoping to fill the hunger void between meals?  Low Carb snacks are not always convenient or easy to find.  Our specialty is tasty snacks for those looking for  a low carb lifestyle, or those with dietary restrictions --- and we Deliver!  

Just place your order Monday - Sunday and Albuquerque/Rio Rancho local deliveries occur the following Friday; or for orders requiring shipping, your order will ship out the following Monday (we don't want your food sitting in a shipping facility over the weekend!).  

Quality Ingredients - More Herbs, Less Salt!


We use all-natural ingredients; no artificial sweeteners.  Many of our specially crafted recipes will tease your palate by using alternative ingredients to limit or eliminate flour, sugar & salt. 

Most are: gluten-free; use only natural sweeteners, not sugar; use spices and seasonings with very little to no salt; are low carb; & high protein.  We use organic ingredients as they are available & not cost-prohibitive.

Why Increments of 15? It's Time to Put that Calculator Away!


 Although our food is for everyone, those with diabetes have a special place in my  heart.  At every meal or snack, the number of carbs consumed has to be calculated to offset the amount of insulin prescribed.    This is calculated in Increments of 15 carbs.     

All  of our snacks are 15 carbs or less.   Our handy Add-ons section offers downloadable  suggestions you can source locally for each snack to bring you as close as possible to Increments of 15 net carbs.   

Delights from the Vine




Several years ago, a diabetic friend of mine was asked to bring a pecan pie to his family’s Thanksgiving dinner --- a desert he couldn’t even eat.  I was determined that he should be able to enjoy the same food as the rest of the family, so with some imagination and divine inspiration, I came up with a lower carb pecan pie that he could eat.  I also made  a traditional pecan pie, and to my surprise, everyone preferred the taste of the lower carb version.  The idea for Delights from the Vine was born!

Why Delights from the Vine?



Our name comes from the Bible verse John 15:5 " I am the vine and you are the branches.  If a man remains in me and I in him he will bear much fruit; apart from me,  you can do nothing." I believe God wants us to face each day with joyful anticipation.

 Whether you have dietary restrictions or are just health conscious, we are here to serve you.   Meals and snacks should be easy and convenient so that you can treasure the delights that each day brings. 

Meet our Founder



As the founder of Delights from the Vine,  I believe food should be fun, not frustrating!   If you are faced with the need to stop eating some of your favorite foods, you may ask: "How will I fill that empty plate?"  

It is my privilege to introduce you to what I hope will be new favorites.   That is my mission  --- to provide healthy foods with specially crafted recipes that delight the palate.  Over time, I will add more varieties and new menu items that I hope will brighten your day.

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We are growing, so our live customer service hours are somewhat limited.  Catch us Live Monday - Friday, either 8:30 - 10:30 AM  or 2  - 4 PM; Saturdays from 9 AM - noon MST.    Voicemail and email messages will be returned as quickly as possible Monday - Saturday.  As we grow, we plan to expand our "live" customer service hours --- thank you for understanding in the meantime.

Delights from the Vine, LLC

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About The Bears

Why a page about bears?


Bears are a natural resource of New Mexico.  That’s why I am offering  Bear Squares, containing favorite ingredients liked by bears and people such as honey, strawberries, and pinon or pine nuts. Delights from the Vine, LLC will donate $0.50 from each Bear Squares  package to the Black Bear Bureau, a local non-profit organization with the mission of Befriending and Defending bears and bear habitat.

Did you know?

Black Bears are highly evolved gentle, social animals. They often share friendship, resources, and security. If you have ever had the privilege of observing bears in the wild, you know they can be sympathetic, fearful, joyful, playful, and even altruistic. Bears have individual personalities just like us.

 Black bears are NOT normally predators. A  healthy bear will not normally attack you or your pets unless you come between the bear and its cubs or its food. Like us, a bear will attack a person or animal it feels is threatening its cubs or its life.

The Black Bear Bureau has more information about this wonderful creature!   Follow them on Facebook at Black Bear Bureau.

Beneficial Properties of Ingredients

How do I Choose Ingredients?



My thought is: if current medical studies show an ingredient may be helpful, and that ingredient enhances the flavor of my food, why not include it?  When I decide on ingredients for my recipes, I have used a variety of sources including the Book Food is Medicine, Volume 2 by Brian R. Clement, phD, NMD, LN, and various websites. I am not endorsing the accuracy of any of this information, or any products sold on those websites. My  summaries are for your convenience, with  a link to the source in case you want to read more and form your own opinion. 




I use Cinnamon in many of my recipes.  Since cinnamon has an ancient culinary history, there have been many studies done on its beneficial  properties. I have summarized some of these qualities below , and provided the links with the information so you can judge their validity for yourself:

Antioxidents: Cinnamon ranks number 7 in concentration of antioxidents among all of the food, spices, and herbs anywhere in the world.

Anti-Inflammatory: Researchers have identified seven different kinds of flavonoid compounds in cinnamon, which are highly effective at fighting inflammation throughout the body.

Heart Health: Cinnamon has properties that can help to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

The following links provide information on these 






Ginger has long been known as a home remedy for nausea, but that is not its only benefit. The possible health properties of ginger also include reducing inflammation and improving cardiovascular health, although this research is ongoing. Other possible benefits are reducing cholesterol, lowering the risk of blood clotting, and helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. We can hope future research could prove  ginger as part of an effective treatment for heart disease and diabetes.

Research conducted in 2004 has shown that spices such as Ginger contain phytochemicals that could interrupt factors which are linked with inflammatory diseases, including Diabetes. Studies and links used for this information, include: 

Suppression of the nuclear factor-kappaB activivation pathway by spice-derived phytochemicals; reasoning for seasoning,” Aggarwal BB, Shisshodia S. Ann, NY Acad Sci 2004 Dec; 1030:434-341.   and